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Squeaky. Squeak! Don't forget we're moving to our new location on Facebook. Check out the Zhu-niverse Facebook page and you can ready daily posts from your favorite ZhuZhu's!
Total rad, Dude!
I can't wait!

We're Moving!

Hi Zhu-natics! The ZhuZhu Pets Hamster Blog is moving to a whole new location! Check out our new daily posts on Facebook. Staring Monday, September 19th, your favorite ZhuZhu's will be making daily posts on the Zhu-niverse Fan Page.
Squeaky. Squeak! I can't wait!
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Quest for Zhu Coming Soon!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We're so excited Quest for Zhu is coming,
and we hope you are too!
I can't wait!
Squeaky. Squeak. Me too!

A Riddle for Zhu Today!

Hi Zhu-natics! I have a special riddle for Zhu today! What sleeps with its shoes on?

A horse!
Good one Mr. Squiggles! What can honk without a horn?

A goose!
What two keys cannot open doors?

A Don-key and a Mon-key!
Lah-tee-dah. What's as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

The shadow of an elephant!

ZhuZhu Pets on Facebook!

Don't forget that all your favorite Quest for Zhu characters are on Facebook. Dude, isn't that totally cool? We write daily posts so you can learn more about the Quest for Zhu cast.
Squeaky. Squeak. That's right Chunk! It's super fun to learn what ZhuZhu Pets are saying.
Plus it's super easy. Just go to and click on ZhuZhu Pets Movie.