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Squeaky. Squeak. Did you know that has zhu-tastic games for you to play. From dressing Princess Snowcup and Prince Dashington in Princess Snowcup's Furdrobe Change to waiting on ZhuZhu Pets in Chunk's Diner, there are so many options to choose from. Play one today!

Jokes Friday!

It's "Jokes Friday!" Boy oh boy! I've got some great ones for Zhu today. Have you heard the jokes about the butter?

I won't tell you: you might spread it!
Dude, what are the two things you won't eat for lunch?

Breakfast and dinner!
Why were the strawberries so upset?

Because they were in a jam! Hmm..I prefer cherries!
Squeaky. Squeak. What's the strongest vegetable in the world?

Muscle sprout!

Quest for Zhu Characters are Now on Facebook!

Did you know you can now see read what your favorite Quest for Zhu characters are saying about the movie on Facebook?
It's true. You can see what we have to say everyday!
You can also "like" us on Facebook and watch cool clips from the movie! It's super easy. Go to, search for the ZhuZhu Pets Movie page, and see what we're saying!

Can You Guess the Symbol?

Did you know that every ZhuZhu has a symbol? In the Quest for Zhu movie, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Num Nums and I learn that each one of our symbols represents our hidden gifts. Can you guess what symbol Nugget has?
Is it a heart?
No silly. That's mine!
Dude, it's a butterfly because Nugget loves chasing butterflies.
La-tee-dah. I do love chasing butterflies!


Just for Zhu Sweepstakes!

The "Just for Zhu Sweepstakes" has officially begun!
What's that Mr. Squiggles?
In honor of the September 27th release of Quest for Zhu, your friends in the Zhu-niverse and Nickelodeon are awarding one lucky Zhu-natic a trip for two to the Quest for Zhu Premiere in New York City. Included in this once in a lifetime opportunity are hotel accommodations, limo transportation, a personal photographer, and $500 spending in cash!
Squeaky. Squeak! That's amazing! How do you sign up?
Just ask a parent's permission, and go to to sign up!