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ZhuZhu Pets Rhyme Time!

Hi friends! Let's play ZhuZhu Pets Rhyme Time. I'll start: I am very peppy especially during a big game!
I helped write the ZhuZhu Flo, which is how I came to fame!
Dude, did you know ZhuZhu's all have different birthmarks? We're not always the same.



Jokes Friday!

Suqeaky. Squeak. I love joke Friday's. Let me go first! What did the buffalo say to his son when he went out of town?

Squeaky. Squeak. Bison! Hehe.
What is the fruitiest lesson?

History because it's full of dates!
What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep?

A dinosnore!
What do elves do after school?


New ZhuZhu Babies!

New ZhuZhu Babies have just hit the Zhu-niverse and these colorful little friends are not just hamsters anymore: There are tons of new exotic friends too like Sox the fox, Meatloaf the puppy, and Izzy the mouse to name a few. Love them, cuddle them, and dress them up for playdates. ZhuZhu Babies need a mommy just like zhu! Check them out!


Calling All Zhu-natics!

Hey Zhu-natics! If you like singing and preforming just as much as me, then I've got a special treat for zhu! Camp Broadway® is auditioning for 120 kids, ages 12-16, to preform the original number There's No Place Like Here™ from the Quest for Zhu™ movie during the 85th Anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Parade®. Check out more details below!


Happy Birthday Chunk!

Hey ZhuZhu pals! It's our favorite surfing friend's Birthday. Let's all wish a happy B-Day to Chunk!
Happy Birthday Chunk!
Happy B-Day Chunk!
Squeaky. Squeak. Happy Birthday! We got a Birthday cupcake for zhu!
Thanks dudes!