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Knock Knock Jokes

Hey friends! I've got some great Knock Knock jokes for zhu today! Knock knock.
Squeaky. Squeak. Who's there?
Oswald who? Squeak!
Oswald my gum!
Squeaky. Squeak. Haha good one Mr. Squiggles!

New ZhuZhu Puppies!

I've got exciting news for you Zhu-natics! A whole new gang of puppies have just entered the Zhu-niverse. These new puppy characters are just a silly and lovable, but they now come in great colors!
Squeaky. Squeak. Meet Mischief: True to her name, this pup is always causing trouble, but she's so playful, you can't help but love her!
Hi Mischief!


Jokes For Zhu!

Hi Zhu-natics! Let's tell jokes. What makes music on your head?

A head band!
Haha good one Mr. Squiggles! What vegetable can't you take on a boat?

Squeaky. Squeak! What has two hands but can't clap?

A clock!

More Fun Games in the Zhu-niverse!

Hooray! Yipee!
What's so exciting Jilly?
Did you know in the Zhu-niverse you can build, change, and rearrange, Mr. Squiggles? And now you can do it on the with the ZhuCreator. You can design the ultimate hamster playground by mixing and matching rooms and tunnels from across the Zhu-niverse. It's so fun! Just click here to play!
That's zhu-tatsic Jilly!

ZhuZhu Puppies™ Tangled Trails!

Hey Zhu-natics! Did you know that you can play zhu-tatsic games with your favorite ZhuZhu's? That's right. Log-on to and play. My favorite is ZhuZhu Puppies™ Tangled Trails-The puppies are lost and need help getting back to their doghouses. Draw a path from each puppy to their correct home, but don't get caught in the weeds! Click here!