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008 Chunk Thursday


Dudes, I just heard a great joke, I hope you guys like it!

So there's this duck right? He walks into a ice cream shop and asks the server for quackers.  The nice server says, "Sorry little dude, we don't have any crackers, only ice cream."

So like the next day the same tubular duck walks into the bar and asks the same young server for quackers.  The young server explains again that they only serve ice cream not crackers.

Then BAM! the next day dudes, the same duck walks into the bar and asks for quackers.  The very nice server, not feeling very nice anymore, totally yells at the duck, "Little dude, if you ask again for crackers I'm going to tape you to this wall!"

Luckily a few days pass, giving enough time for this not so nice server to be nice again... Then the duck walks in... he reads over the menu on the wall, the server watches him waiting for the moment...  The duck opens his little bill, and the server says, "I'm warning you duck!"

The duck replies, "Do you have any tape?"

The server replies, "No."

The duck smiles and totally says, "Do you have any quackers?"

 That was totally Zhu!

  Tee hee!

Friday...I mean Tuesday! Oops!

Tehehehe! Sorry hamster buddies, looks like I accidentally hibernated! Well, at least it was only a mini-hibernation. The weather has been so cool at my place, very unlike August..errr I mean September! Whew, well I am to find some nummy yummy treats! 



Did you know that the horn of a rhinoceros is made of hair?  Think if they got a perm, Ha! Hilarious.  

No really, it's made of very compact hair.  What that means is the horn is a bunch of hair so close together and holding on to each other so tightly that they become one solid object. Neat!

 Next time I'm at the zoo I'm going to give the rhinoceros my conditioner...Get it:)

  I do!  Sometimes when I'm taking a bath I'll use the shampoo in my hair to make a mohawk, tonight I'm going to make a rhinoceros horn...Awesome!


 Who's ready for my riddle?
 I AM! I AM!
  Me too.
 Count me in dude.

Okay, great!  Here's the riddle:

Cowboy Phil went on a trip to St. Louis on Friday, stayed three days, and came back home to Houston on Friday.  How is that possible?

 Cowboy Phil had a broken calendar.  That happened to me once, I had a full week of Mondays.  it was rough.
 Hmm?  Clearly he must have stayed more than three days.  I think he must have hibernated for four days, and just didn't realize he slept that long. Yep that's it.
  Wow...Really?  No.

 Dudes, I've totally got it.  Cowboy Phil is a cowboy right?  Well, clearly to have made so many days disappear in the week he must be a space cowboy.  Why?  Because as we all know in comic book 6 of "Hyper Hamster" the Space cowboy shows us that all space cowboys can time travel.  As soon as their ships go faster than 95 miles an hour they slip into space time, where anything is possible.  

Clearly with this technology Cowboy Phil could have stayed in St. Louis for as long as he wanted because he could always get back to the same Friday that he left Houston.  BAM! Solved, thank you, a-thank you.


 NO!... Chunk, you do realize that "Hyper Hamster" is just a comic book right?

Okay, here's the answer to my riddle:

Cowboy Phil left on Friday, stayed three days, and came home on Friday, How?  His horse is named Friday.

 I want a time traveling horse named Friday.
Hilarious! (me too.)

Patches Moon Post

September 3rd, 2009

well, hello again!  are you guys going out to look at the moon tomorrow night?  it's gonna be a full moon!  i LOVE full moons.
(except... do you think there really are were-hamsters? ...i think they're made-up stories.)

Dude!   My crazy uncle is pretty hairy... does that count?