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Kick Ball CRAZE Aug. 28th. 2009

Kick Ball Tournament Tomorrow!!

Hey Zhu Zhu Fans! Heading out to the park tomorrow for some SUN, FUN, and KICKBALL!

Sports are always a great way to exercise and feel great!
Even Chunk is joining me!

Maybe you could play some kickball too!

Zhu-ooming off to find my Wobble Ball


Dude!  I love kickball, and I'm totally excited to play today.  Can we play some four square afterwords?  


  Count me in too!

Squeakers Squeak

Squeak squeak squeaky squeakers squeakums! 

Picture Day!


Hey Buds!! Check out my new pics! Baseball games are the best! :)


Mr. Squiggles - August 26th, 2009


 Yesterday was crazy at the Funhouse. I had my best buds over and we were acting Zhu-oomy, as my mother would say. 

Now I can't find my Sk8-board. I wonder who could have it?


My Wonderful Wednesday: 8.26.09

Interesting fact about me: My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. All of my friends think Friday and Saturday are cooler, but there is just something about this day that I love. Maybe it's because when something really fun happens, it's unexpected...but if the same thing happened on Friday it wouldn't be a big deal.

For example, today I got to go to the park with Patches! Normally, I would only be this excited if I had gone skydiving. But I just had so much fun with my buddy...AND I bumped into all of my other hamster buddies!

 Another Wonderful Wednesday!

 Aw, Pips! I had a super fun time too. I missed you this summer!
 Dude, it was cool bumping into you at the park! I didn't know you had plans to meet Patches too...super sweet surprise!