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Mr. Squiggles - August 24th, 2009


Hey Hamster Buddies!

Mr. Squiggles is in the house. I can't wait to keep you all updated with everything going on with the Zhu Zhu Pets™ and MY DAY. 

Peace out for now- TTYL


 Hi, Mr. Squiggles! Where have you been zhu-ooming around lately?  

  Squi-Squi-SQUIGGLES! Hit my digits, lets go ride the waves bro!

The Hamster with ALL THE LOVE

What's going on?!

I just joined this Hamspace and I am SO EXCITED. I usually have to spend hours on the phone catching up with all of my friends. Now I can just read what's happening every day!  

Num Nums!!!

Yay, you're on Hamspace...FINALLY! Give me a call later.

 I miss you already!!!! LOL. Yesterday was a blast :)

I just joined too, dude! Hey, better not eat my super yummiest cupcake when I'm out surfin'!

 Let's hang out at my place this afternoon!

005 Chunk Friday


I just got my newest issue of Hyper Hamster number 11.  I can't believe it, the MOLE KING -arch enemy of Hyper Hamster - has RETURNED!  Wait... Hyper Hamster is only sold at your local Zhu Zhu comics, which I don't think you get...Cool, let me tell you about my favorite super hero, Hyper Hamster!

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004 Chunk Thursday

What? You want me to blog today?

Sorry dudes, gone surfin'.

Big "C"

003 Chunk Wednesday


Wow, the waves were wicked yesterday.  If you ever make it to the Hamii Islands, you gotta ride the blue.  Oh yeah, by the by, I had some of the best pizza ever.  Ham and Pineapple bro!  I know, Pineapple? Sounds crazy right?  But it totally rocked! If you can ever get a slice of pie like that, I'd totally go for it, NICE!

The Chunkster.


Hey Chunk, Patches here!

That is so neat that you went surfing on your Zhu Zhu surfboard.  I'm totally jealous.  I've never been to the Hamii Islands, or had a Pineapple Pizza.



That's wicked you joined Ham-Space!  Lets meet up for lunch, I'll totally bring a ham and pineapple pizza.


 Oh great!  Let's meet at the park.
Did someone say lunch? Can I come too?  I'll bring the most delicious, yummy-in- your-tummy, cupcakes.

Dude! Of course you can come along.  Whose got two thumbs and loves cupcakes?


 Neat! You have thumbs?

Who's got a whole lot of whiskers and loves cupcakes?



ME TOO! ME TOO!  See you at lunch.

  Yeah, see you silly hamster at the park.  I'll be in my new little red coupe and sweet shades!
 ME THREE!  I love cupcakes, they're Zhu Zhu-reffic!