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002 Chunk Tuesday




Be back tomorrow, I got mad surf to catch.



OH HAM! I'm totally back from surfing dudes, and let me tell you the waves were awesome!  Then I had a tubular run in my hamster ball when I got home.  Now I'm just gonna max and relax here at the dome, and enjoy the rest of my day... NICE!


001 Chunk Monday



Hey I'm Chunk, and welcome to my totally tubular hamster blog-a-Zhu-Zhu.  I'm gonna tell you all about me and what I love.  Surf, food and comic books. 



Squeak squeak squeaker squeak.



How was the surf this weekend, Chunk-ster? By the way, I ate the most yummiest cupcake yesterday and thought of you :)


The surf was super nice dude!  That's funny about the cupcake 'cause yesterday I could not find my yummiest cupcake... hmmmmm?

 So...I really only meant to eat a morsel! It was just so yummy-nummy-riffic, I couldn't help myself! I am Num Nums, after all. Sorry Chunk-ster...I should have asked.

Thursday Naptime

  Just wanted to say a quick hammy hello before I take a nap in my snuggly sleepdome!



Hello to all my friends out there! So I tried skateboarding this weekend and it turns out I am so good at it. It was really hard at first, but patience and practice really do pay off! 

Hey Pip, wanna go surfing tomorrow?
 I have never been surfing, but you know I love a challenge! After all, there is nothing to fear but fear itself!

We've Changed our Name!

Special Announcement From Mr. Squiggles!

Why did Go Go Pets™ become Zhu Zhu Pets™?

We are still the same fun-loving, super cool hamsters! I was just hanging out with the crew--Num Nums, Chunk, Pipsqueak, and myself--and we realized that we do so much more than go...we zhu zhu zhu-oom!!!

You never know where we will go next!  

Where will your Zhu Zhu Zhu-oom?