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Here's a New Zhu for You!

Hi Zhu-natics! Here's another great ZhuZhu friend for you to meet! Snickle-Fritz loves a good adventure. He isn't afraid to try new things and meet new people. Say hello to our new ZhuZhu!
Hey there Dude!
Hey there!


New ZhuZhu's Have Hit the Zhu-niverse!

Hey Zhu-natics! There's a whole new band of ZhuZhu's to hit the Zhu-niverse. Let me introduce you to one of them, Hank. Known as the "King of Pins," Hank loves anything and everything that has to do with bowling. Only one frame away from the perfect game, his symbol is a bowling pin.
Hooray! Nice to meet you Hank!
Squeaky. Squeak. Hi Hank!


Happy Trailer Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a safe and zhu-astic Fourth of July! Even though the fireworks may be over, we have something else that's going to blow you away. it's Trailer Tuesday and time for another great clip from the Quest for Zhu movie. Don't forget this incredible film will be out September 27th! Click here to watch!

Happy Birthday Bamboo!

Squeaky. Squeak. It's Bamboo's birthday! Let's all wish her a Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to zhu! Happy Birthday to zhu! Happy Birthday to Bamboo. Happy Birthday to zhu!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dudette! Let's catch some waves to celebrate!


A Cheer for Zhu Today!

One, Two, One, Two.

If you love ZhuZhu's, say Yahoo.

Three, Four, Three, Four.

Hamsters, Puppies, Babies, Princess-There are now ZhuZhu's galore!

Five, Six, Five, Six.

Hope you liked my lyrics!