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It's Trailer Tuesday!

Hey Zhu-natics! It's Trailer Tuesday, and you know what that means? We have another zhu-tastic trailer for zhu from The Quest for Zhu movie! Remember that the zhu is within you! Click here!
Squeaky. Squeak. I'm so excited!!
Dude, ZhuFu is so wise.
Hooray! i cannot wait for the movie to come out this September 27th! Yipee!

ZhuZhu Kabobs!

Hey Zhu-natics! You know one of things we ZhuZhu's really find important is eating right. In order for ZhuZhu's to play and explore the Zhu-niverse, we need strong bones and to stay away from the dreaded Zhu-Flu. Today, we're going to share one of our favorite healthy snacks. It's a quick and easy summertime treat that tastes great too!
Squeaky Squeak. They're called ZhuZhu Kabobs!
Hooray. I love these! Start by gathering your favorite healthy snacks. We suggest the following

  • Cucbumer slices
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced carrots
  • Cheese cubes (Cheddar, Swiss, American-You choose your favorite)
  • Apple slices
  • Pineapple
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon balls
  • Salami slices
Dude, the next steps easy! Use mini skewers to put your favorite ingredients on your kabob. Then enjoy!

Happy Birthday Pinkie!

Hooray! Yipee! It's my other pink ZhuZhu pal's birthday. Let's all wish a Happy Birthday to Pinkie!
I got you a birthday present Pinkie. I hope you like carrots as much as I do!
Well I wrote you a song: "Pinkie is the best. She's the greater than the rest!" That's all I really have so far...
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday little Dudette.


Watch this Music Video!

Hey Zhu-natics! I've got anther great clip of the Quest for Zhu movie just for zhu! Check it out!

New Quest for Zhu Trailer!

Hey Zhu-natics! Check out this super zhu-tastic trailer for the new Quest for Zhu movie. You can buy the new Quest for Zhu movie this September 2011 at your local major retailers! Click here!