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Happy B-Day Toodles!

Hooray! Today is ZhuZhu Baby Toodles' Birthday!
Happy Birthday little Dudette!
Happy Birthday Toodles! I picked some flowers for zhu!
Happy Birthday! You rock


Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day Zhu-natics! Let's wish a big, zhu-tastic Happy Father's Day to all the PapaZhu's out there!
La-tee-dah. Happy Father's Day!
Squeaky. Squeak. Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day! I made a carrot cake for my PapaZhu!

I Spy With My Little Eye!

Squeaky. Squeak! Hi friends! Let's play "I Spy with My Little Eye"-ZhuZhu Pets style! I'll start. I spy with my little eye something that is pink!
Is it part of my cupcake?
Squeaky. Squeak. Nope, but nice try!
Is it me?
Squeaky. Squeak. Nope. Keep guessing!
I know. I know! It's Roxie's mohawk.
Great work Num Nums!


Wonder-full Wednesday Nights at the Magic House!

Live in St. Louis, MO, Zhu-natics? Then you're in luck because ZhuZhu Pets is sponsoring Wonder-full Wednesday Nights at the Magic House! Starting June 15th-August 31st, families will be admitted for free from 5:30-9:00 PM. Click here to find out more!

Quest for Zhu!

Hooray! Yipee! Hooray!
Dude, Jilly. Why are you so excited?
The Quest for Zhu movie has been announced! It's a heroic tale of four friends, who learn the value of friendship and home.
Huh, that sounds familiar. Pretty rad!
That's because you're in it Chunk, silly. Check it out!