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Fun Thursday Jokes!

Hooray! Here are some more Thursday Jokes for zhu! What mouse was a Roman emperor?

Julius Cheeser! Hehe!
What's a dog's favorite city?

New Yorkie!
What do you call a rooster who wakes you up at the same time every morning?

An alarm cluck!
What happens when it rains cats and dogs?

You can step in a poodle! Haha!

Happy B-Day Peanut!

Hey everyone! It's baby Peanut's birthday. Happy Birthday Peanut!
Dude, Happy Birthday! Have a good one!
Hooray! Happy Birthday to zhu!
Happy Birthday Peanut!

Royal Wedding Pictures!

Hey Zhu-natics! The Royal Wedding may be over, but you can still check out these super zhu-tastic pictures that Debra from posted after she hosted her Royal Wedding Bridal Shower.


Monday Jokes!

Hey Zhu-natics! Let's tell some fun ZhuZhu jokes. I'll start: What do penguins use for napkins?

Flapkins. Hehe!
Squeaky. Squeak. What do you get from a pampered cow?

Spoiled milk! Squeak!
Why are fish so smart?

Because they live in schools! Haha!
What animals are on legal documents?


The Zhu-niverse Website is getting a Makeover!

Have you heard? The Zhu-niverse website is getting a makeover. Explore, play, and have tons of adventures with your favorite ZhuZhu pals. Coming soon!