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Tell A Story Day!

Hey Zhu-natics! In honor of National "Tell a Story Day," I thought I'd share one with Zhu!
Alright! That is totally rad.
Hooray. I just love stories!
There once was a ZhuZhu,

He was feeling a little blue,

He read books, colored, and played in his hamster ball,

However, nothing could shake his down spirits- nothing at all,

Until one day he stumbled upon the Zhu-niverseā„¢; a new place to explore,

He made so many ZhuZhu friends; in this place he found a cure!

Other ZhuZhu's are what he needed- with them he could laugh and be silly,

A group of new friends; their names were Num Nums, Chunk, and Jilly!


Only a Few More Days to Vote!

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More fun jokes!

Why did the kid start a gardening service? Hmm...I love gardening.
We know Patches, we know. Why?
To rake in some cash! HAHA!
What's the most musical bone?

The trom-bone!
Where do horses live?

In neigh-borhoods! Hooray! I love jokes!

Here are a few Friday Jokes for Zhu!

Happy Friday Zhu-natics! Here are a few jokes to make you smile today. I'll start!

Why did the cow cross the road?

To get to the udder side! Hehe
What color is a burp?

Burple! Haha
Squeaky. Squeak. Why did the bacon laugh?

Because the egg cracked a yolk!
Dude, where did the spaghetti go to dance?

The meat ball!

Don't Forget to Vote For the Royal Zhu Wedding

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Squeaky. Squeak. I'm so excited!
There are so many pretty flowers to choose from!
I hope she chooses a carrot cake!