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Check Out Mr. Squiggles!

Dude, check out Mr. Squiggles. He's been spotted in Greece!


ZhuZhu Pets Rhyme Time!

I'm a Rockstar, and I'm part of the ZhuZhu Crew..
I'm a cheerleard, and my fur is a pink hue...
I'm a surfer, and my symbol is a sun...
I love being a ZhuZhu Pet because we're tons of fun!

ZhuZhu Cupcakes!

Check out these ZhuZhu Cupcakes, Zhu-natics! Look there's me!
There's me too!
Squeaky. Squeak. And me too!

Watch this Clip!

Hey Zhu-natics! Spring is here, and guess what that means? Ice cream and colorful ZhuZhu's. Watch this clip with toy expert Elizabeth Werner!


Happy Birthday Muffin!


Holy hamster! April so far has been a busy month in the Zhu-niverse for birthdays. Today is Muffin's birthday. Let's all give her a big, ZhuZhu Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday little dude!
Happy Birthday Muffin! I made you a flower and here's a bouquet of carrots! I picked them myself.
Happy Birthday to Zhu! Happy Birthday to Zhu! Happy Bithday to Muffin. Happy Birthday to Zhu!